Ask Your Guy For A Date

Ask Your Guy For A Date

Ask Your Guy For A Date - Questions To Ask On A Date - How To Ask A Girl On A Date - Ask A Girl On A Date - Ask On Ur First Date » How to ask your guy for a dateThinking of going further in your relationship? Want something more than friends from his side, but worried to pop up the question? Don’t worry, here’s how you can ask your guy for a date.

First of all, don’t be nervous to be the one to ask him for the date. It hardly matters who pops up the question. What really significant is how much you both are compatible with each other and whether you want to take your relationship ahead.

Try to find out his likes and dislikes. Is he a movie buff or a cricket fan? Is he the one of sentimental types or likes going for adventurous stuff? You can go for some romantic movie together and then ask him the question in the most intimate of scenes, and believe me; he can’t say you no that way for sure. By keeping these things in mind, you can plan out your evening together and can also give him the gift of his choice.

Look for his interests. Figure out how many you share with him. It may be possible that he likes scuba diving while mere thought water has running effect on you. You can call him at your place and play some indoors games like scrabble etc. while playing, say him those three magical words via game. This would really excite and surprise him so, club your interests with him so, that you both can enjoy that.

Most important, make sure you pick a day on which both of you are totally free, so that there appears no distraction from any side when you just decide to pop up your question.

Now, its high time girl, ask him now. Be confident and don’t show any signs of nervousness. Just go girl! Go!

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