Asthma attacks

Asthma attacks

Asthma attacks - Asthma treatment - Immune system - Alternative therapy - Asthma symptoms » Alternative therapies for AsthmaAsthma attacks can be really dreadful especially with those frequent wheezing and gasping for breath. If you are an asthmatic patient, your life must have been restricted to some level with those uncomfortable inhalers, medications and innumerable restrictions. Asthma is globally increasing at a rapid pace and you can’t imagine a world with people relying on inhalers for survival. Then are there any better alternatives for the treatment of asthma. Fortunately, the answer is yes and research is still going on.

Standard treatment of asthma implies lifelong use of drugs and inhalers to keep the airways open and to reduce inflammation. However, chronic use of these drugs have their own side-effects, the most common being affect on the immune system and depletion of essential vitamins and minerals from the body. While alternative therapies have still not proved to cure asthma on their own, they play a major role in decreasing the side-effects of drugs and even limiting and minimizing their use. You first need to find out the reason behind your asthma. If certain food items trigger it, avoid them and if your stress is the prime factor, then try yoga. Yoga is one such alternative therapy which has huge benefits without any side-effect. Breathing exercise in yoga is a huge help for asthmatic patients. There are also some reports that acupuncture can help asthma but it has still not been fully proved as research is still under progress. Similarly, it is believed that certain Chinese herbs like ding-chan tang, can decrease inflammation and relieve bronchospasm. However, while some herbs are useful, they can also cause some other problem like blood pressure rise and others. Thus, always consult your doctor before consuming these herbs. Vitamin C is an important nutrient which can help relieve asthma symptoms. Also, learning to increase the amount of air inhaled has reduced fear and anxiety during an asthma attack for some asthmatics. These are few alternative therapies which can prove beneficial for asthma. However, consult well before their use to ensure these alternative therapies suit your body.

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