Attractions of Cyprus

Attractions of Cyprus

Attractions of Cyprus - Beaches in Cyprus - Cyprus Tourist Attractions - Cyprus Attractions | Tips on - Find TipsCyprus lies at the crossroads of Greece, Asia Minor and the Middle East. The island is therefore a curious blend of culture of the east and the west. Tourists come to this lovely Mediterranean island lured by its wonderful beaches and surrounding landscape.


If you are hoping to go on a beach holiday, any of the beaches of Cyprus can be your destination.

Phinikoudes Beach

Framed with palm trees this is one of the famous beaches of Cyprus. Its name is derived from the word Phinikoudes, meaning small palm trees, which were planted along the coast in 1922. The grey sand beach is dotted with cafes, restaurants, bars and hotels. In the neighborhood of the beach is the commercial and shopping district of the island. The sea is calm with mild waves. The beach is the venue of the Larnaka Kataklysmos Fair, held sometime in June.

Pernera A Beach

The golden sand of this beach will tempt you to bask in the Mediterranean sun. There is provision for sun bed and umbrella rental on the beach. This is also a popular water-sporting venue, with lifeguards patrolling the beach to ensure the safety of the bathers.

Kapparis Beach

This beach is popular among the locals. If you are looking for a secluded spot away from the more crowded beaches of Cyprus, you should visit the Kapparis beach.

Pachyammos Bay

This narrow sandy beach is located in the vicinity of the Pafos, the most popular area visited by tourists. Like all other beaches of Cyprus, this beach is safe for swimmers, the quality of its water compatible with EU’s Bathing Water Directive. There are several cafes, bars and restaurants around the beach.

Historic places

The Tombs of the Kings

Cyprus has some of the best-preserved historic and pre-historic sites in the Mediterranean region. The Tombs of the Kings is a massive complex of monuments near the sea in northwest Pafos. This World Heritage site has structures belonging to the Hellenistic and early Roman periods.

Medieval walls of Lefkosia

The 14th century walls of Lefkosia were built by the Franks. When the Venetians captured Cyprus, they demolished a part of the wall. Later the Ottomans repaired the walls and covered the upper part of the walls with stones.


Maa-Palaeokastro Settlement is a pre-historic site, whose first settlers belonged to the late Bronze Age.

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