Attractions of Lima

Attractions of Lima

Attractions of Lima - Popular Destinations in Lima - World Heritage Sites in Peru | Tips on - Find TipsPeru has a vast natural splendour. It has a lush tropical forest, lovely beaches, majestic mountains and a huge desert. This abode of the Incas is dotted with archaeological sites.

Lima is the capital of Peru. It is flanked by the desert and the sea. There are a number of pre-Incan palaces and temples in this city. The main square of Lima has been declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

There are number of popular destinations in Lima

Plaza Mayor

It is worth taking a leisurely walk along the streets of Lima. The Plaza Mayor is the colonial part of the city. Located in the center of the city, its marketplace was once the site of bullfights during the Spanish era. There are a number of stunning ancient buildings, surrounding the fountain, in this square.

The Spanish Baroque Cathedral stands on the site of an ancient temple of the Incas. The Museum of Religious Art and Treasures is housed in this cathedral. The Archbishop’s Palace, the Town Hall and Government Palace are other popular buildings of the plaza.

Plaza San Martin

Decorated with bronze fountains and old street lamps, this square of Lima is always buzzing with activities. This is a great place to watch the life of the locals. There are street artists, soapbox speakers, shoe shiners and even demonstrating workers on this street.

National Museum

To know about the history of Peru, you should visit this popular museum of the country. It has a rich collection of relics and artifacts, remnants of the country’s glorious past.

Gold Museum

The ancient Peruvians were obsessed with gold. This museum has a rich display of gold objects from the Incan and the pre-Incan era, including ceremonial objects, jewelries and the famous gold Tumi, which is the symbol of Peru. Besides gold objects, the Gold Museum also has a collection of pre-Incan weapons, mummies, masks, clothing and wooden staffs.

Museo Rafael Larco Herrera

This museum housed in an 18th century colonial building has a vast collection of ceramic objects. Most of the items belong to the Moche Dynasty.

Church of San Francisco

This stunning colonial church is noted for its 17th century library and the underground catacombs containing skulls and bones of about 70,000 people.

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