Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay - Infants Teeth Problem - Early Childhood Tooth Decay - Tips to Prevent Baby Bottle Tooth Decay | Tips on - Find TipsBaby bottle tooth decay is very common nowadays and needs counseling of parents to protect their babies first set of teeth. First set of teeth are very important because they lays the foundation of permanent teeth. This mainly occurs when your baby goes to bed having feeding bottle inside the mouth for a longer duration. Teeth which are commonly affected are the upper front teeth.

Tips to prevent this condition are : -

1) Avoid filling your child’s nursing bottle with liquids such as sugar water or soft drinks.

2) Never allow your baby to sleep with a bottle containing milk, formula milk, or fruit juices because sugar in these liquids are acted upon by bacteria in the mouth to form acids, which attack the tooth enamel.

3) If your Childs needs liquid between the feedings, cool water is advisable.

4) Clean your child’s teeth with a damp wash cloth or gauze pad after each feeding.

5) Start brushing as soon as first tooth appears.

6) Start dental visits from 1 year of age.

7) Infants should be weaned from bottle from 12 to 14 months of age.

8) Kids should be encouraged to drink from cup instead of bottle.

If this decay is detected at early stage then fluoride application and precautions can solve the problem but if decay is accelerated and the tooth is turned black or brownish in color it means caries has reached to pulp (where all blood vessels are present) then the only treatment is pulpectomy. In this technique we remove the infected part of the tooth and fill it with dental filling. But, this needs the co-operation from both parents and child.

Sometime baby bottle decay distort the spacing between permanent teeth
which leads to irregular eruption of teeth. So, baby bottle caries really needs to be taken care of.

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