Baby First Foods

Baby First Foods

Baby First Foods - Baby Foods For One Year Olds - How To Prepare Baby Foods - Breast Feeding - Breast Milk » Baby Foods for One year oldsCelebrating your child’s first birthday fills every parent with a feeling of immense joy and pride. Every stage of life has its own charm and its own responsibilities and duties. Thus, as a child turns one, the thought that circulates in every parents mind is that what food items they should feed their child with to ensure his health and proper development. A healthy diet of a child should be one which includes all the essential nutrients which are required for the child’s overall development.

By 12 months, the baby becomes ready to be weaned from breastfeeding or bottle-feeding. Every parent waits for this time by introducing beautiful training and beautiful cups. When the child turns one, one should replace breast milk or formula milk with whole milk. However, low fat or skim milk is not good for children as they need fat for a healthy growth. To ensure that your child gets all the required nutrients, you should try giving him fruits, vegetables, bread, grains and dairy products. Small children cannot eat at one go and thus you should try giving them healthy food servings 4 to 5 times a day. You can try providing the kid with a different variety of food items while ensuring that food from all food groups should be selected to ensure a balanced diet.

One should avoid giving one year olds with food items like nuts, popcorn or potato chips as they might lead to the choking of the child. Similarly, one should also avoid giving too much of sweets or sweetened beverages to the child to prevent tooth decay. Generally, the child’s appetite decreases by the age of one. Thus, one should ensure that one restricts the milk intake to 2 to 3 cups a day so that the child can consume nutrients which are found in other food items.

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