Bald Facts

Bald Facts

Bald Facts - Bald facts of hair loss - Bald hairstyles - Hair care tips » Bald FactsWhen we think of hair loss and the associated treatments and then think of the number of bald headed men out there we wonder if there is indeed any treatment for hair loss. The answer to that question is positive. There are many treatments for hair loss but the secret to getting the desired results, or anywhere near the desired results are persistence and patience, apart from sticking to one treatment until we see results.

There is a lot of folklore about treating baldness. People have tried and tested almost everything under the sun and also the moon. Witchdoctors have even been known to advise bald headed men to have cows lick their bald scalp and even rub dung on their scalp before sleeping. Then there are African witchdoctors who have been known to use bats dropping as a remedy for baldness – this may have had some truth in it as bats droppings have been known to contain high amounts of nitrogen, a very good fertilizer – but for plants not hair.

Ever wonder why you can count bald headed men on your fingertips and yet setting your sights on a bald lady is very rare indeed? I thought about them wearing wigs to hide their baldness but then spotting a wig in a crowd of natural hair is very easy indeed. The fact is that the number of women suffering from baldness is microscopic compared to men. There is a reason for this – Testosterone, we guys have loads of it and this leads to baldness in most of us. Testosterone produces a by-product called DTH (dihydro testosterone) this binds with an enzyme in the hair follicles called 5-alpha-reductase and together they work their way into the roots of the fair and strangle them depriving the follicles of all nutrition from the blood finally killing them.

The only effective treatment is preventing the formation of 5-alpha-reductase enzymes or restricting their productivity to prevent hair loss. Whether the hormone treatments will restore the damaged follicles in the scalp is not clear, but preventing the formation of 5-alpha-reductase enzymes does arrest hair loss and thus prevents baldness and is the most proven treatment for hair-loss.

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