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You might have seen a small space with straight lines of various thicknesses on the cover of a tooth paste or food items purchased from a super market. There is white space in between the lines. Some numbers are written below these lines. This is called bar code. It is only an optical machine readable representation of data. All the details of the product such as name, type, cost, manufacturing company etc are written electronically with this bar code. Originally there were only parallel lines referred to as linear or 1D (1dimensional) bar codes. Now bar codes are present in various patterns like square, dot, hexagon or other geometric pattern called 2D (2 dimensional).

How does it work?

Bar code is read by optical scanner called bar code readers. Now special software can also be used for scanning. It is commonly used in super market. Before handing over the product to the customer its bar code is placed under the scanner. The light rays produced by the sensor would hit on the code. These rays would reflect back from the white part in between the black lines. The intensity of the reflected light would vary with the length and size of the white gap in between the lines. In proportion to the reflected light electric signals would be produced. With help of this electric signal all details of that product are recorded in computer.

Uses of Bar code

a. Main use is in supermarket where large number of items is tracked with the help of bar code. Fast selling items can be identified and bar code will help in better inventory management. Similarly stock of slow selling items can be reduced. With its help items can be repositioned in the shop so that fast selling products would get better attention of the customer. Items can be reprised on the shelf itself.

b. Bar code is now used for many other purposes. It is used in shipping and automobiles for tracking.

c. It also used in some tickets like air tickets and football ground entry ticket where tickets need to be validated before entry.

d. It is used in research. Used on bees to track insect mating habit.

So bar code is universal today. It is an essential part of modern civilization and it has wide spread use also. Its technology is improving every day.

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