Bar necessities

Bar necessities

Bar necessities - Well stocked bar - Good quality scotch - Cocktail ingredients - Lemon juice » Bar Necessities Of LifeIf you’ve just moved into your own bachelor pad or bought your first apartment, choosing the curtains and setting up home will come second to wanting to fixing up the bar area – that is, if you are a ladies man, or ever hope to be.

Even if you’re not looking to double your dating and simply looking at restful zones in your home for some quiet unwinding after a hard day’s output, there’s nothing like having the bar necessities of life handy to get you in the mood with the right sundowner to soothe your spirits. If you entertain colleagues and pals often or hope to invite the office hottie or even your boss over sometime, it pays to have your bar well stocked with a generous spread of tinned snacks, good glassware and the fizz to fix better things for you!

Do remember to include Gin (even if you’re not intending to play the card game along with sipping the drink) as you can present it as is besides mixing with lemon juice, soda and liqueurs to make perfect cocktails like Golden Cadillac, Gin and Tonic and Fizzy Gin. Another must-have bar necessities item in your drinks cabinet includes Tequila, which makes for great Margaritas and the famous Sunrise besides Wild Thing – (a merry mix of cranberry juice, soda and a dash of lime juice!)

For the men (and hardened alcohol preferring women – the few who like it strong), remember to stock good quality Scotch like Chivas Regal and Johnny Walker (red, black and the exclusive blue label, which can set you back a few thousand but is worth the impression it helps you make with someone who knows their drink), which you can also use to make Godfather and Rusty Nail besides adding sweet vermouth to make Amaretto.

For celebratory occasions, add Bourbon (great on the rocks or as a cocktail ingredient for Cobbler when combined with lemon juice, grapefruit and almond extract) to your bar essentials besides the 6-pack of Beer (Guiness, Heineken, Budweiser are good bets).

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