Basement Decorating Ideas

Basement Decorating Ideas

Basement Decorating Ideas - Tips On Framing Basement Walls » Convert Your Basement Into A Party RoomSo you wish to convert your basement into a recreation area for your friends and family! That’s a good idea. You will probably have to frame a basement wall for the purpose. If you intend to do it all by yourself these are the things you will need. A measuring tape, a plumb bob, a hammer saw, a caulk line, a crowbar ladder, a mason’s string, and a framing square. So here we go setting up a basement wall to give space for a happy family area,

There are two ways of setting up basement walls. One is you build them on the floor and then lift them into place. In the other way, you secure the top, bottom planks on the wall first, and then nail the rest in. If there are no impediments such as water pipes or electrical wiring restricting your movement go for the first method.

Always use moisture resistant seasoned wood for the bottom frames, as there is a tendency for moisture to creep up from the ground. You want maximum protection. Use standard lumber sizes always. That would mean, 1.5 inches thick having standard lengths of 2 by 4 meters.

Now based on the size involved you need to make all the calculations of placing the top and bottom board. The studs go next. Here again its all about getting the right fit so measurement is critical. Always double check before you cut the studs. Once you have got all the studs cut to the required size you can start putting them together with the boards.

Having done this you can now lift the studs and boards into place. You may need help when doing this. Use your plum bob to insure the wall you are putting up is vertically correct. Secure the top and bottom boards securely using 12D nails. Any gaps could be filled with shims.

The use of good quality wooden panels will keep the basement warm. You may wish to sound proof the room by adding insulation to the inner walls. Once you have done this you will find the space will be far more comfortable to put to use. Once such a job is completed, you may consider doing the floor and the ceiling. It would be best how ever to check with your builders before you actually convert the area into a full fledged room.

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