Basics Of Good Shoe Care

Basics Of Good Shoe Care

Basics Of Good Shoe Care - How To Shine Your Boots - Well Polished Shoes » Basics Of Good Shoe CareSome times the first impression is so important that it can break or make a relationship. It could be a personal relationship or a formal business one. So taking care of all the little things is important as you would never wish to be caught unaware. It has happened so many times, if you look back into your life that just when you though it was ok to let go for a while, somebody will come along and you feel so foolish, for being caught completely off guard. As important it is to have a nice clean well ironed shirt and trouser on so is it equally important to have a really good clean pair of shoes on. Never underestimate the value of the well kept shoe.

Often the true value of a man is judged by the shine of his shoes. We may not want to accept this hard truth, but it is true till the end of ones days. You see it is not something specific with regards to the shoes per say. The fact of the matter lies in the issue that there are so many who will be a picture of perfection with their dress suits and shirts, but go just that extra inch down and what do you see is a badly maintained pair of shoes. This is what puts people into a kind of a tail spin.

What kind of man would take the trouble to get all dressed up, but fail to give equal attention to his shoes? The first reading to come off a person mind is ‘he is careless’. Now tell me is that the picture you wish to dish out to all your associates. I can bet not, especially if the rest of you is picture perfect. All it seems to be the problem is that till date no one has been able to convey to you that people do look at ones shoes and make a whole lot out of it. You as a person obviously do not attach ‘any’ importance to the subject.

So what is all the big deal about after all then? Simply keep your shoes clean and well polished. Every time you wear a pair of shoes make sure they are freshly polished and not wiped down. This is a big mistake a lot of men make. To insure that your shoes last as well as do not develop an offensive odor never wear the same shoe every day. Have at least 3 pairs that should be rotated. This gives them a chance to dry out and not develop bacteria which causes that unwelcome odor.

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