Beach & Places To Visit In US

Beach & Places To Visit In US

Beach & Places To Visit In US - Famous Destinations & Trip To United States » Great Beach Places in USUnited States has a large number of quality and famous beaches in the world. The beaches are very beautiful; they are along the west side or the east side but the difference is that the west coast is known for tranquility and serenity while the east coast is the more busy side. The west coast beaches are more famous for serenity and people love to visit these beaches just to relax and enjoy the tranquility.

South Beach is the best destination for those who love to enjoy the crystal clear water and white sandy beaches with a combination of most beautiful beaches in the world. Miami and Florida constitute the East coast. These beaches are famous as the best destinations for spring festivity. The places are mostly crowded by the young generation, jet skiing and socializing are the most interesting activities here.

Fort Lauderdale in Florida is just a few hours drive away and it is known for its cleanliness. People of all ages visit this place frequently.

South Carolina is another good beach with a lot of activities. The area around the beach is the most fast and active in the state and this is the big reason behind the activities on the beach. There are a lot of great resorts and good hotels on the beachside and people belonging to middle age, kids and senior citizens all visit this place.

Virginia Beach is another popular spot among the people. This beach is famous for scuba diving, running, cycling and a lot of such activities.

New Jersey is also a good place and famous for haunted houses, cakes, pizza and shopping options. This area is the most suitable option for family parties because of the variety of activities to do.

Montauk is another good place away from the city of New York and famous for its serenity and tranquility. The place is suitable for those who love lying down and watching the sea or fishing, etc.

Massachusetts coast is famous for its rocky beaches and great sites.

New York has some great national parks as well along with a variety of beaches and you will surely love your trip to the United States.

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