Beach Vacation Packing

Beach Vacation Packing

Beach Vacation Packing - Beach Swimwear - Beach Vacation » Tips for Beach VacationIt is wintertime and everyone wants to get away for a warm vacation. If you are looking at going with your significant other or your friends, it is important to be prepared for the beach.

So here are a few things you want to remember when packing for your beach vacation; that way you can have unlimited fun when you get there.


Flip flops are the easiest thing to keep your feet protected from the hot sand. Plus a nice pair of flip flops will save you from the hassle of looking for sand appropriate shoes and cleaning them off when you get home.

It is best to designate a pair your beach pair because you will never be able to get all the sand out of them. In this case, plastic may clean up easier but cloth will look better on the beach. Venture to the mall and find a pair that will look good with your trunks.


Choose swimwear that will flatter your body. If you have the athletic build for Speedos, give them a try. On the right body they are sexy and a sign of confidence. If you do not have the body to make them look good, choose trunks. Do not humiliate yourself with Speedos.

You will only look back on this vacation with regret if you do. Trunks come in a variety of lengths and cuts. You can go for a shorter short or the board short style that comes further down the leg.

Tanks and Tees

You will need some tank tops or white shirts to go with you trunks. If you are going to primarily be on the beach, there is need for little else. A tank or tee will cover you if it cools or if you are required to wear a shirt somewhere. It is ok if you opt for colors other than white, just be sure to match them with your trunks.


Sunscreen is a must. It is important to protect your skin from sun damage. Packing enough sunscreen beforehand will save you the trouble of searching for it when you get there. Do not underestimate the strength of the sun close to the equator.

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