Beaches of Melbourne

Beaches of Melbourne

Beaches of Melbourne - Where is Melbourne Located - Popular beaches of Melbourne - Facilities in Melbourne Beaches | Tips on - Find TipsMelbourne is located by the sea. Therefore, it is natural that this lovely Australian city is blessed with lovely beaches. The 11.06 kilometers of coastline extends from Port Melbourne, through St Kilda to Elwood along Port Philip Bay area. The beaches of this part of Melbourne are the most popular. All the beach of Melbourne and its surrounding region is equipped with pedestrian pathways, boating and water sporting facilities, public toilets, barbeques, playgrounds, restaurants and car parking areas.

St Kilda Beach

This is one of the most popular beaches of Melbourne and the city’s affluent class own apartments along this beach area. Dotted with cafes and restaurants, this beach is crowded during the summer season, when it becomes the venue of several beach sports, such as volleyball, cycling, triathlons and in-line skating. The Luna Park is a popular attraction adjacent the beach.

Sandridge Beach

Tucked between the station Pier Cruise Shipping Terminal and the Web Dock, the Sandridge Beach is considered a residential beach of the city. Several restaurants and facilities, including a marina is located at the Beacon Cove region of this beach.

South Melbourne or Middle Park Beach

This beach is a popular destination for water sports lovers. Located along Beaconsfield Parade, this beach is noted for windsurfing. You can also swim in the water or bask on the beach and enjoy a drink. Your visit to the South Melbourne beach is incomplete without exploring the idyllic Kerferd Road Pier.

Point Ormond Beach

Framed by the indigenous coastal plants, this popular beach is located near a busy main road of the city. It is fitted with several walking and cycling tracks. At the Elwood Canal, a rock wall stands at the edge of the water. This beach is a favorite destination for cyclists, hikers, kite fliers and in-line skaters.

Port Melbourne Beach

This beach is closest to the main city area. Framed by palm trees, low dunes and narrow lawns, the expansive sandy area of the beach is a popular sun bathing spot. It is fitted with a pedestrian path, which is largely used by in-line skaters and cyclists.

Elwood Beach

People come here to enjoy a picnic with family and friends. There are several sailing, lifesaving, angling and sea-scouting clubs on the beach. During the summer, this beach becomes crowded with water sport enthusiasts.

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