Beautiful and Healthy Nails

Beautiful and Healthy Nails

Beautiful and Healthy Nails - Diet for Nails - Take Care of Nails - Split Nails | Tips on - Find TipsImportance of Glowing Nails:

Beautiful nails are the foremost impression of well groomed personality. Well-manicured, well maintained, clean nails surely impress the other person. When you talk with other people, your hands play important role in completing that conversation. In that case, people will definitely watch your hands. Women specially need to beautify their nails as their beauty is thought be incomplete without beautiful nails.

Shapes and sizes of nails are different for different people. You need to take care of nails on regular basis and you know, it takes just few minutes daily to have healthy nails.

Nails tell Condition of your Health:

Like eyes and hairs, nails are also indicator of your health. Like lack of iron is indicated by pale nails. Excess use of detergents leads to dryness of nails and create vertical ridges on them. Sometimes nails have blue tint on them which reflects inadequate supply of oxygen. Deficiency of nutrients such as minerals, vitamins and proteins is reflected by thin and chipped nails. To avoid all these problems of deficiency and bad health, one should take proper diet which lead to healthy and glowing nails.

Diet for Beautiful Nails:

Sufficient quantities of gelatin, complex B and calcium should be included in your daily diet. Vitamin D is required to treat nails with vertical ridges. Vitamin D can be obtained from Milk and sunlight. If you are dealing with the problem of hangnails or split nails, you must take vitamin C and folic acid. There are many sources like oranges, lemon, Indian gooseberry and tomatoes. Also you should drink plenty of water and other drinks to keep the nails hydrated and supple otherwise nails will get chipped and brittle.

Besides taking these supplements, you can apply a coat of fresh lemon juice daily on your nails. Then apply some moisturizing cream or oil to make them soft and shiny. Avoid too much applying of nail paint over your nails

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