Beautiful New Lip Colors

Beautiful New Lip Colors

Beautiful New Lip Colors - New Lip Colors - Tips for Enhancing your Lips - Tips for Makeup - Makeup Tips | Tips on - Find TipsWearing a great lip color can work towards enhancing your lips and giving a boost to your overall appearance. You can look sexy and do it either in a subtle way, up front or in a bold flirtatious way. Here are some tips that you can try.

Disguised-subtle look

The best way to look sexy in a subtle and disguised manner is to go the nude lip way. It is becoming more and more popular, and is amazingly easy to wear.

To begin, you will need well moisturised as well as exfoliated lips. When you are pampering for your skin, you often tend to forget your lips. Use a gentle exfoliating cream with a balm to get rid of the dry skin and to enhance blood circulation in the lips. However, take care to rub very gently because your lips are gentle.

You can go dramatic for a party or go romantic and sensual for intimate meets. For the dramatic look, you will have to start with the foundation. Apply a light coat but not so much that your lips cannot be seen. There is no need for lining the lips. Apply some creamy and nude lipstick, a single coat will do. If you want to add a dramatic pout to it, dab some gloss at the centre of your lower lip.

For a more subtle look, go for a tinted gloss. Rose or peach tones work well. Starting from the centre towards the outside, apply it to your lips. For fullness, dab a little red lipstick on your centre of the bottom lip.

Front-center makeup

Fun colours like burgundy, pink, rose, spice and cinnamon will ensure a bold statement. Use a liner for this look and match it with your lipstick shade. You can use a lip brush to put on the lipstick. This will give you more accuracy and control. You will not need gloss for this one.

Flirty makeup

When you think of flirtatious makeup, the color that first comes to your mind is red. Find the warm or cool shades of this color and match them with your skin tone. Cherry red is a fairly versatile color that suits almost all skin tones.

You will need to line your lips and then fill in starting from the centre using a lip brush. Make sure it is even and first apply lesser amount because it can stain. You can add gloss, but do not overdo it.

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