Beauty Sleep for a beautiful you

Beauty Sleep for a beautiful you

Beauty Sleep for a beautiful you - Results Of Lack Of Sleep - Meaning of Beauty Sleep - How Much Sleep Do You Really Need | Tips on - Find TipsMeaning of Beauty Sleep

We all know that good nutrition and regular exercise are very important for a good health and beauty as Beauty is result of good health. At the same time, good night’s sleep is equally important.

In fact, beauty sleep is the sound sleep which our body needs for complete rest. A sound sleep is a nature’s blessing for us which is bestowed on us without any cost. No amount of beauty creams or makeup can give our skin that much needed glow which can be easily achieved by the sweet sleep.

How Much Sleep do you need?

During sleep, our body is in rest mode and conscious mind stops thinking and activity of nervous system reduces. Though amount of sleep needed depends upon person to person but usually eight hours sleep is needed. Above all, you should listen to your body’s requirement and identify your sleep pattern.

Results of Lack of Sleep

Lack of sleep leads many beauty problems such as dry skin, onset of wrinkles, lusterless hair, puffy and bloodshot eyes, under eye dark circles and health problems like headache, insomnia and pale complexion. It reduces the zeal to move ahead.

Avoid overstressing your body otherwise it would reach to alarming stages of insomnia. You must try meditation and other stress busting exercises.
Avoid too much intake of tea and coffee; limit these to 4-5 cups a day.
Use the most comfortable beddings for you as kind of sleep you are taking decides your next day.

Your nightdress is also very important part of good sleep; wear loose cloths at night.Prepare yourself for sleep like bathing, having warm milk, brushing your teeth and also cleanse your face with cleanser.
Before sleeping, bring all the pleasant happenings of the day to your mind.
Just have a mild walk after dinner; avoid vigorous exercise before bedtime.
Keep your bedroom noise free and dim lights.

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