Beauty Tips For Working Women

Beauty Tips For Working Women

Beauty Tips For Working Women - How To Look After The Outer Beauty With Makeup - Beauty Tips For Career Women – Tips For One-Day Beauty Care | Tips on - Find TipsA career woman is the busiest individual because not only she manages the office but she also has to look after the dutiful job at home. Moreover, in addition to time constraints, she has to look good and attractive. This is why it is essential for her to reserve at least one day just for the purpose of beautifying herself.

Sunday is the most suitable day for this purpose because most of other family members take rest on that day. Therefore, this day should be devoted exclusively for you if you are a career woman. This one-day beauty care is equally important from health perspective as it is for the beauty enhancement. You know very well about how to look after the outer beauty with makeup tools including lotion, moisturizer, creams, etc. For good health in context to your beauty you need to have special arrangement on Sunday. Be lazy on Sunday staying in the bed as much as you feel, and keep yourself away from telephone. Diet on Sunday should be a light diet. The following is a sample of the Sunday diet.

Breakfast: Your breakfast should include one glass orange juice, cornflakes with milk, and tea or coffee.

Mid-morning: This time you should take one biscuit along with one cup skimmed milk, or tea or coffee.

Lunch: Your lunch should contain chicken or fish, one green or yellow vegetable, and fruits and salad.

Mild- afternoon: One biscuit with tea, coffee, milk, or soft drink.

Dinner: The best dinner is made of soup, mutton stew, bread and fruit.

Bedtime: Go for bed after taking one cup of skimmed milk mixed with honey.

After breakfast take rest and then take your bath. Your bathtub should be filled with lukewarm water and few drops of your favorite essence. Now, lie on your back in the tub for a long relaxing soak, with total peace of mind away from any thought, just nothing for 10 minutes. After bath go for your lunch and then rest for whole day. This day should just be for distressing yourself. As far as your skin is concerned, it requires more care compared to that of the women who stay at home.

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