Bed Wetting And Its Causes

Bed Wetting And Its Causes

Bed Wetting And Its Causes - Causes of Bed Wetting - Bedwetting - Bedwetting Children | Tips on - Find TipsEnuresis or bed-wetting is a common problem faced by children between five to ten years of age. Nearly ten percent of children in this age group urinate in their bed at least twice a week. Instead of blaming your kid for bed-wetting, as a parent you should stop making him/her feel guilty and lonely.

Causes of Bed-wetting

Contrary to popular belief, your child doesn’t urinate while sleeping because he/she is lazy, has a behavioral problem or drinks excess water before going to sleep. Children below five years do not have control over their bladder movement. It is therefore common for kids below five to urinate while sleeping. Bed-wetting naturally ceases as a child grows up. However, if your child is above five and is still bed-wetting, you should seek the help of a doctor.

Although, a child naturally gains bladder control as he grows up, but bed-wetting may be a result of some form of abnormality in the urethral valves in boys or in the ureter in both girls and boys. Sometimes slow pace of development of the central nervous system may be responsible for the child’s delayed development of bladder control.

The small bladder due to an abnormality may not hold urine for long, resulting in bed-wetting. Abnormality in the spinal cord might be responsible for this problem. Excess urine production due to deficiency in anti-diuretic hormone might cause bed-wetting. Sometimes genetic factors and urinary tract infections might be responsible for Enuresis. In rare cases, emotional problems might be linked to bed-wetting.


When you take your child to a doctor, tell him the details of his bathroom habits throughout the day and night. To get to the root of the problem, physical examinations are conducted to detect any abnormality in the bladder or the urinary tract. An analysis of the urine is necessary. It is up to your pediatrician to decide whether the problem actually needs a treatment or can be cured naturally. Medicines and sometimes behavioral therapy helps to cure the problem.

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