Bedridden - Bedsores - Skin Abrasion - Pressure Sore » Causes and Symptoms of BedsoresBedsore is a medical condition characterized by appearance of red marks or ulcers on the skin. Bedsores are caused in those regions of the skin that are under constant pressure. This article will throw light on some of the common causes and symptoms of bedsores.

People who are bedridden or those who are dependent on wheel-chairs are vulnerable to the problem of bedsores. Bedsores can affect regions like tail-bone, hips, spine, and back region as these are the areas which are under constant pressure if a person is bedridden.

People suffering from problems like paralysis or lifetime immobility problems are more likely to be affected by the problem of bedsores. This happens due to restricted blood and oxygen supply to those areas of the skin which are constantly under pressure.

Malnutrition can also make you susceptible to bedsores as it leads to muscle wastage and thinning of skin. A thin skin in turn is more likely to be damaged by application of little pressure. Thus, this problem is more common in old people who have weak skin. In addition, a skin that is moist for a long time is also susceptible to bedsores.

After having looked at the various causes of bedsores, let’s look at some of its common symptoms. Bedsores are commonly characterized by red marks which can burn and itch. The affected skin can become swollen and get a blister or ulcer like appearance.

From leading to skin abrasions, bedsores can progress to damage of underlying tissues. In advanced stages, bedsores can lead to damage of muscles. In certain cases, it can also have an adverse effect on one’s bones and joints.

Understanding the causes of bedsores is essential to prevent and effectively the problem. Removing the pressure from the skin is one of the most important preventive and remedial step. Similarly, there are certain skin creams and ointments that can help in fast healing of bedsores. You must also consult a doctor to prevent bedsores from advancing to dangerous stages.

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