Beer bellies

Beer bellies

Beer bellies - Calorie Content of Beer - Tips to Burn more Calories - What Causes a Beer Belly | Tips on - Find TipsThere is no beverage that is handier than the malted brew. You can bond with friends, enjoy your victories, mourn the defeats and do just about anything over it.

However, more of it and you will soon see your belly grow wider and wider.

Beer is quite high when it comes to calorie content. A single bottle of 12 ounces can give you about 140 calories. Therefore, those calories will deposit as fat on your body. However, if you do consume a lot of other unhealthy food and not exercise enough, you can get those calories from just about anywhere.

Belly fat

After you reach 35, your metabolism will start to slow down, as in it will not burn as many calories as you would like it to. Therefore, you will begin to show any extra calories that you put in on your tummy.

While thighs, hips and buttocks are the problem areas for women, as far as fat is concerned, waist is the problem area for men. Therefore, a combination of extra food and your gender will present you with a nice round beer belly.

The health risk

This type of fat is called visceral fat. This is said to be a high-risk kind of fat. It leads to diseases like insulin resistance, heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol and blood pressure, besides the other disorders that obese people face.

Generally, a recommended waistline is not to exceed 40 inches. You go over it and you are stepping in the unhealthy zone. Therefore, you should measure yourself and keep track of where you are.

The prevention

The best thing to do is to keep away from the beer belly.

This is the stubborn kind of fat and you will certainly have to work hard if you want it to go. The thing to do is to approach it in a holistic manner.

You should not only cut down on your calorie intake, but you should also start to include physical activity in your daily life. Aerobic exercise is the best at burning calories. Running, swimming, walking, anything that causes you to sweat is good for you. You should be exercising at least half an hour everyday, five days in a week.

As you start getting comfortable with the aerobic exercises, you should also include some strength training. This will help to build muscle and muscle requires more calories compared to fat and so you will lose even more fat.

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