Benefits of Banana

Benefits of Banana

Benefits of Banana - Vitamins in Banana - Health Benefits of Banana - Banana Benefits | Tips on - Find TipsBanana or the golden fruit as it was termed rightly during the ancient period is a storehouse of various health benefits. It is highly rich in Vitamin B. It also consists of Vitamin C and A, potassium, fiber, etc. Bananas are easy to eat and are thus, good diets options for kids.

They facilitate the digestive process and results in healthy diet. It is the only raw fruit, which is good for treating ulcerative colitis. They are bland, smooth and easily digestible. Bananas are also good for diseases like constipation, diarrhea and dysentery. They are rich in pectin, which a very good water absorbent and helps in healthy production of bowel. Bananas are easier to digest when they are ripe and yellow. So, ripened bananas are the best for your digestive system.

Bananas are good for diseases like arthritis and Gout. Such patients suffer from lack of calcium and potassium and bananas are a storehouse to them.

They are rich in iron content and are good medicine for diseases like anemia. They help to stimulate the growth of hemoglobin in our blood, which in turn cures anemia.

Bananas are suitable for all types of kidney related diseases because they are low in protein and salt content and high in carbohydrate content. You can also take banana if you are suffering from nephritis, as they do not harm the process. They are also very good remedy for urinary dysfunction. It helps the abdominal region of your body to get rid of all the toxic elements thereby releasing the excretion process. They are also good treatment for stones in kidney, gall bladder and prostrate.

They are also facilitating the cardiovascular function of your body. They prevent diseases like stroke and improve the condition of your blood pressure.

Banana is a very food option for people practicing dieting. It is very low in terms of calorie and fat content but very high in carbohydrate, water content and potassium level. Thus, a banana diet will always keep your tummy flat but filled and will also boost your energy to facilitate your daily activities.

Bananas are also good for skin treatment. They are very good for the facial skin due to rich content of vitamins. Thus, a banana facial will give you a glowing skin. It is also a very good hair conditioner and can give you shimmery and shiny hair.

A smashed banana paste is a very good relief for wounds and burns as it gives immediate results.

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