Benefits of ecofriendly green buildings

Benefits of ecofriendly green buildings

Benefits of ecofriendly green buildings - Green Building Maintenance - Environmental Benefits of Green | Tips on - Find TipsThe whole concept of green building is being eco- friendly. Its whole architecture and design; construction and maintenance should be eco-friendly.

As compared to ordinarily constructed buildings, these structures usually cost at least 40 – 60 % more in initial cost of construction. But there long term benefits justify these extra costs considering their utility.

Less costs of routine maintenance

As these buildings have less of non- natural materials, they have less wear and tear and hence, reduced cost of maintenance. They are based on the concept that increasing lesser amount of electricity is to be consumed and more to rely on natural energy. The air-conditioning cost of the building also comes down. Hence, reduced costs up to 40 percent of water and electricity.

The concept of Green is universal

All over the world, the fad or concept of being green is catching up fast. More of residential and commercial buildings are based on this principle. Apart from them educational, government and so much so that airports are being built according to this concept.

Health benefits

These structures enjoy unhindered and continuous flow of natural light and air. The air is refreshingly clean and fresh. The people working in these buildings feel like working in natural environment. There bodies tend to be fitter than those working in other buildings.

These benefits reflect in their productivity, work ethics and employee relations. This effect also percolates to residential environment of these people. They get more of fresh air and sunlight, which is very essential for body.

All wastes are recycled

Earlier we used to throw away all wastes generated, into the dustbin. But now it has become an important raw material for various uses in such buildings. No longer have they needed landfills for disposing such garbage.

High performance glass is used in construction of green buildings. These glasses are nearly half more costly as compared to normal building glass. But this glass acts as filter help in bright sunshine; and thus reduces the cost of illuminating and heating the building up to 40 percent.

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