Benefits of Light Therapy

Benefits of Light Therapy

Benefits of Light Therapy - White Light Therapy - Light therapy benefits | Tips on - Find TipsSun plays an important role in our lives. Sunlight is essential for our mental and physical wellbeing. Absence of sunlight causes various diseases. The dark winter months or the length of time we spent in artificially lit offices deprives us from the natural lights. Light therapy is often used to treat illnesses caused by limited exposure to sunlight.

Light Therapy
Light Therapy or phototherapy uses tools that produce the entire spectrum of light or bright white light. Bright light therapy requires the patient to look at a broad spectrum of bright light. A typical light therapy session lasts between 30 minutes and 3 hours each day. For best results, the sessions are conducted in the early mornings. The amount of light reaching you is closely monitored. You should be neither too near, nor too far away from the source of light. At the same time, you should not stare directly at the light source.

Benefits of Light Therapy

Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD can be cured with light therapy. Although, there are some controversies over the effectiveness of the treatment, nonetheless, bright light therapy is widely recommended for treating winter blues. It has been seen that at the initial stages of the treatment, SAD patients show remarkable recovery. However, after the treatment is withdrawn after a few weeks, the symptoms return. As a result, it is recommended that for best results, SAD patients should undergo phototherapy from October to April every year.

Besides treating SAD patients, phototherapy is useful for treating illnesses related to changes in our biological clock.

Light therapy can cure early morning insomnia and night owl insomnia. In early morning insomnia, patients find it difficult to sleep in the early morning. Night owl insomnia sufferers could not sleep until the wee morning hour. Both types of insomnias result from disturbances in the rhythms of our biological clocks. Similarly, jet lags and late shift drowsiness can be cured with bright light therapy.

Studies have shown that eating disorders, such as bulimia, which affect women in their teens or early adulthood, often occur during winter. Light therapy helps in improving the condition of such people.

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