Benefits of Music Therapy

Benefits of Music Therapy

Benefits of Music Therapy - Music Therapy during Pregnancy - Music Therapy Benefits | Tips on - Find TipsMusic is loved by people of all races and culture. The role of music extends beyond the field of entertainment. Music is capable of addressing our emotional needs. Studies have shown the healing role of music throughout our life, from the fetal stage to the end of life. Music therapy is an established alternative health care system, which is practiced in hospitals, schools and even in prisons.

Music therapy during pregnancy
Music can help to reduce stress in pregnant women. Occasionally, music therapy helps to reduce perception of labor pain, easing the delivery process. Although, the exact affect of music on the fetus is not known, but pregnant women often experience their unborn child reacting to music.

Music after birth
The first musical notes that enter our years are the lullabies. Lullabies help to comfort the baby and help him to sleep. If you incorporate singing lullabies as a part of the bedtime ritual, getting your baby to sleep becomes easy. You will notice that the beat of lullabies match the rhythm of heart beats.

Drum beat
As a child grows up, he will be introduced to various forms of music. However, after lullabies, if some musical sound attracts him, it is the sound of drums. Drumbeats replicate our heartbeats. It reminds the child of his mother’s heartbeat. It has been seen, that drumbeats are even capable of arousing the emotions of Alzheimer’s patients. Children react to drumbeats through movements. You can utilize the drumming rhythms to help your child walk, run or even dance. This will help to develop his learning as well as his motor skills.

Fight stress
If you are stressed, a calming music could help to relax your mind. If you are engaged in a stressful occupation, make listening to a soothing music a part of your morning and evening ritual. Relaxing music can also help you to fall asleep.

Music for special needs children
Music therapy is used in developing the emotions of special needs children. Music has emerged as one of the major cognitive therapies in treating autism.

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