Benefits of Reading to Your Child

Benefits of Reading to Your Child

Benefits of Reading to Your Child - How to Read - Benefits of Reading | Tips on - Find TipsReading to your child helps in developing his/her intellectual faculties. Reading also helps to strengthen the bond between parents and children. Studies have shown, that pre-school kids, who are acquainted to various types of languages, sounds and rhythms, perform better in school.

Benefits of reading
By reading aloud to your child, you help in developing his vocabulary. Reading helps in voice recognition, language recognition and builds the imaginary power of the child.

Reading to babies
In the initial reading sessions, you might find your baby showing least interest in what you are reading out to her. The best way of acquainting babies to the world of sound, is through lullabies. Start reading out to your baby, when she is six months old. Select books with big and colorful illustrations. The text should be simple, short and rhythmic. There are several popular ‘touch and feel’ books for children. Choose one such book or a book that has flaps, which can be lifted. Allow you baby to see the images and touch them. Make you reading sessions brief, but interesting. Vary the sound of your voice and make different facial gestures.

Reading to toddlers
When you are reading out to toddlers, point at pictures and ask them what they think about the image. Say the name of certain objects, and ask your child to recognize the object in the picture. Always praise your child when he makes the right choice. As you read, help your child to follow the text, by pointing your finger under the words of the texts. Toddlers often prefer reading the same story repe

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