Best Health Tips & How to Stay Fit at Home » Best Health Tips

Best Health Tips & How to Stay Fit at Home » Best Health Tips

Best Health Tips & How to Stay Fit at Home » Best Health TipsEveryone should take proper care of their health. We should never forget that whatever we eat directly affects our health. If not taken care of, one will surely become a victim of obesity; so why not rather incorporate some health tips into your daily routine. They will definitely be pretty much effective, and you would love to follow them throughout your life.

First of all, change your cooking oil, and switch to a lighter one like olive or canola oil. Drink freshly squeezed lemon with honey in luke-warm water every morning. Eat a fibrous breakfast every day, like cornflakes etc. Eat at-least three vegetables and three fruits daily. Increase the intake of water and fluids also. Limit your salt consumption to 6gm per day, because it hampers the calcium absorption in our body.

Do aerobic exercises for a minimum of 30 minutes daily. If interested, you can also opt for Yoga. Yoga is known to cure many diseases, and it helps to control your cholesterol levels. Include food rich in Vitamin D into your diet, for example, egg yolk. Avoid carbonated drinks; they are known to steal away the calcium from our bones.

Eat five almonds daily, and eat oats and barley because they provide anti-microbial properties. Prefer home-cooked meals rather than eating out. Whenever, eating pasta, go for whole-wheat pasta, which provides loads of fiber. And opt for tomato gravy base instead of cheesy white sauce.

Eat slowly; it helps you feel full without over-eating. Do not forget it takes 20 minutes for our brain to register satiety, feeling of fullness. Snack on fruits every two-three hours to attain good health.

Choose fresh food items over canned ones. Or else drain and rinse the canned food with water to wash off excess salt and preservatives.

Finally, stick to your routine. You can maintain a diary, to track all that you eat during the day. And accordingly you can plan your exercise or workout routines. Stay happy and laugh a lot, it increases the calorie burn up process by up to 20%.Just keep in mind these simple points and make healthy living a habit for your whole life.

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