Best Known Holiday Destination in Asia

Best Known Holiday Destination in Asia

Best Known Holiday Destination in Asia - Holiday Destinations in Asia - Famous Holiday Spots in Asia - Major Tourist Destination in Asia | Tips on - Find TipsAsian continent is high on natural and man-made wonder. If you are planning to travel around Asia and do not know about the well know travel destinations in Asia then read on to find out about Best Known Holiday Destination in Asia.

Phuket (Thailand)

The island of Phuket is the largest island in Thailand. Located in the beautiful and awe inspiring environs of the Andaman waters in Indian Ocean, the island of Phuket is among the famous holiday spots in Asia. The balmy golden beaches and crystal blue waters of Phuket are as good as it gets. On the beaches of Phuket you can indulge in all kinds of water spots and have a gala time altogether.

Tokyo (Japan)

Being the capital city of Japan, Tokyo is the main location of the important activities that happen in Japan. Awesome sights, sophisticated restaurants, electrifying nightlife and heartwarming hospitality, make this city a prominent travel spot in Japan.


Surround by Malaysia, Brunei (officially known as Negara Brunei Darussalam) is a small but a very rich country. Well known for its lush ambience, you have to visit Brunei if you love natural beauty and greenery.

Hong Kong (China)

The world renowned metropolis of China this city has many shades and popular tourist destination in Asia. Besides, the city is also an important commercial and administrative hub of the country. The city has a British charm about it is also very traditionally Chinese. Being the major tourist destination in china, the city is visited by many foreigners every year.


The country of many religion and traditions, India is recognized all across the world for its unity in diversity. There are numerous monuments and tourist attractions in India. Even the festivals of India are very colorful and fun filled. It is best advised to visit India during festivities. And as a matter of fact the country celebrates festivals all through the year.

Penang (Malaysia)

The main tourist spot in Malaysia, Penang is simply breathtaking. Its balmy beaches are well known all across the worlds. A special should be made about the food in Penang which is simply delectable.

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