Best Place for River Rafting

Best Place for River Rafting

Best Place for River Rafting - White Water River Rafting » River RaftingRiver rafting is becoming the most popular sport in the valley of Kashmir after the sports of Cricket. The popularity of river rafting has got much importance in the crystal clear water of river in the region of Pahalgam.

Pahalgam is located in the south-east part of Kashmir. This place is surrounded by the Peak Mountains and many steams and river resources. This is a major reason behind the popularity of river rafting in this specific place.

The place has got much attraction for those who love water sports either they are locals or the tourists from abroad. This also provides the opportunity for those who are related to tourism to make income. The place is equally comparative to the white water river rafting spots in rest of the world.

Pahalgam is a very famous among the white water rafting lovers and it has its prime importance for those who visit Kashmir. The place will provide you a thrilling and unique experience of white water rafting.

Since Pahalgam has became the most wanted destination for river rafting among the water sports lovers, so the number of boats has been increased at the destination in order to meet with the increased demand.

The Kashmir government is also focusing on the sport promotion in order to use it as a source of employment for the domestic individuals. The tourism department of the Kashmir is also trying to promote the image of the place as one of the best white water rafting place. The objective behind is not only to promote tourism in the region but also to provide employment to the local residents either through tourism or through white water rafting activities.

Kashmir, no doubt is famous world wide for its natural beauty. The place displays a thrilling image of the beauty of nature. Nature has endowed the Kashmir with plenty of streams, rivers and water falls. The tourism has seen a lot of improvement over the last few years. The need is to improve the image more in order to promote tourism and provide employment to the locals. So if you are a lover of water sports specifically river drafting then this is your desired destination. You will surely enjoy the thrill.

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