Best Places To Have Sex With Your Lover » Places That Could Make Sex More Interesting And Fun

Best Places To Have Sex With Your Lover » Places That Could Make Sex More Interesting And Fun

Best Places To Have Sex With Your Lover » Places That Could Make Sex More Interesting And FunIf you feel that the desire, romance, passion and sexual energy are draining out of your relationship, then you are probably bored of the routine sex you follow every day.

Having sex in the same place at the same time can turn out to be quite mechanical after some time. If you want to make sex fun and interesting again, here are some out of the ordinary places you can choose for a quick, steamy session.

Places That Could Make Sex More Interesting And Fun

Public Loos

The next time you visit a restaurant or bar and have a sudden urge to have sex with your partner, don’t wait until you get home to pounce on him/her. Push him/her into the loo and have a blast.

This method would have its repercussions if the hangout does not favor people using the loo for other purposes. Then again, a generous tip would not do any harm to you or the person who catches you in the act and promises to remain silent after seeing the wad of notes in your hand. Don’t be surprised if he/she asks you to visit again sometime.

Open Pastures And Parks

Of course there are a select group of individuals who love to make out in the open under broad daylight, unmindful of who stares at them or takes pictures. If you are averse to such scenarios you can opt for a slight difference in the timing.

There are plenty of parks and open pastures out there waiting to be explored in the darkness of the night. And even though you would not have time to explore the area, you would probably have enough time to explore each other, provided you get a small corner all to yourself, away from prying eyes.

It also pays to be wary of ruminants that can end up walking past you or stopping by to get a glance just when things heat up. So be ready to shoo pesky creatures away as well.

Your Car

Of course what would be a better place to engage in a steamy session of sex than your own car? No one’s going to disturb you provided you find a dark, quiet and undisturbed location to park the vehicle in and roll up all the windows.

Having sex in a car has other advantages as well. In addition to enjoying long, romantic drives, you can also stop whenever you want to make out. Added to this is the excitement of making out in the small cramped space of the car and looking out for prying eyes. Imagine jumping back into your seats as if nothing happened as and when someone nears the car!

Classes And Libraries

Of course I would not recommend these places for sex. But many individuals prefer them and that is why I chose to include them with these other crazy places. Classes and Libraries can be the perfect places to have sex, especially if you are left alone or have a corner all to yourself.

Of course you would need to be very silent and extra cautious, lest you want to be caught by someone. Then again, if you have friend who is willing to help out, you can ask him/her to watch the door while you make out inside the class. Of course, you would need to return the favor later on by standing guard near the door when he/she gets her turn.

Historical Places

Abandoned fortresses, palaces, prisons, museums and ruins can be the perfect places to have sex. All you would need to do is get into a small, dark corner or area that is less visited by people and let your emotions flow. Even uninhabited places and haunted mansions can work out well provided you have the guts to enter these areas in the first place.

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On The Move

Try something really exciting for a change. The next time around when you are traveling by train, book a private compartment which you would have to yourselves. With the journey would start one of the most memorable days of your life. With only the ticket collector to disturb you now and then, you can enjoy the entire journey in the confines of the compartment, locked up tight from prying eyes.


Of course why not? There have been plenty of incidents where emotional moments have led to individuals getting into the bed with their partners. Not to forget mentioning those who slip away from the crowd of visiting people to have some quality time alone in one of the unattended rooms. Try it out if you feel you can get away with it without being thrown out of the hospital for improper conduct.

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