Best Summer Foods To Keep You Cool

Best Summer Foods To Keep You Cool

Best Summer Foods To Keep You Cool - Top Foods That You Must Eat In Summer » Summer Food That Keep You CoolWith the summer sun sending its sharp rays down without any mercy, we have to look for ways to keep our body cool, hydrated and free from heat rashes and heat strokes. While air conditioners can keep us cool all throughout the day, they may not be an option for everyone on earth.

The food we eat plays a major role in keeping our body heat under control. Summer is the time when we cannot gorge on fried and oily food. We could break into pimples and get over heated in the whole process. This is the time to take a look at nature’s bounty and look at the food that has high water content.

You could also take a look at spicy varieties of food that can make you sweat and keep your body cool while the evaporation takes place. While ice creams and canned juices can give a temporary cooling to our body, they are not good or even make us feel hotter after a few minutes.

Here is a list of foods that can keep you cool, hydrated and high on energy.


High in water content and a great thirst quencher, watermelons keep your body naturally cool and free from urinary infections that are so common during summer months. They are low on calories and high on Vitamin A, B6, C and potassium.

They also have very low sodium content and cure kidney related problems too. With 92% water content and great health benefits, it is the best fruit you can consume during summer. Add a little pineapple juice to watermelon juice to see the great enhancement in taste while you drink.

Muskmelons too have the same good qualities of watermelons and can be consumed during summer. Muskmelons are more fleshy than they are watery.


The great cooling benefits of Yoghurt are known to all of us. Yoghurt not only cools our body, but also cultivates probiotic bacteria in our body. Apart from that we also get the benefit of calcium, vitamin B and protein, all from yoghurt.

The good lactic acid bacteria in yoghurt protect our digestive tracts and prevent occurrences of stomach and yeast infections during summer. What more, yoghurt can be made into a variety of flavours to suit your taste buds. You can mix them with fruits, vegetables, sugar or salt to get the right taste.


It comes as a surprise that onions have a cooling benefit and help us keep our body cool. The chemical compound quercetin that is present in onion has anti histamine properties that prevent skin allergies and skin problems like prickly heat. Though onions do not have a direct cooling effect in our body, it helps to keep many heat related skin problems at bay.


The potassium present in bananas will help to regulate the fluid imbalance in our body that happens due to dehydration as a result of excessive sweating during summer season. They are also great energy boosters with the presence of natural sugars and fibers. Bananas have iron and vitamin B6 that help the body stay healthy. Bananas can keep intestinal disorders at bay by keeping the acidity neutral and coating the stomach lining due to its smooth texture.


Mint has many benefits apart from its obvious cooling properties. Mint oil can treat irritable bowel syndrome and indigestion. The menthol in mint gives immediate cooling effect to the throat, palate and skin when inhaled, eaten or applied on the skin.


Just like watermelon, cucumber too has a lot of water content and electrolytes that keep our body cool and away from dehydration. The vegetable is low in calorie and high in dietary fiber that removes constipation. The absence of saturated fats and cholesterol prevents weight gain while consuming cucumbers. Cucumber also has diuretic properties flushing the toxins in the body. Cucumber can be eaten just as it is or as a salad.


A glass of lemon juice after a tired day out in the sun is enough to revive all your lost energies. Add a pinch of cumin powder to it for that extra flavour. Being a citrus fruit, lemon juice helps in digestion and is also thought to dissolve stones in the kidney. Lemon is also free of cholesterol and fat and contains dietary fiber.

Green gram (moong dal)

The health and cooling properties of green gram or moong dal are not known to many. Sprouted green gram has more cooling properties and is rich in protein. In south East Asian countries a variety of drinks are prepared from green gram. The water in which green gram has been soaked overnight is a very cooling drink.

Bitter gourd

Karela or Bitter gourd removes the heat from the body. It is a good source of potassium and helps in detoxification of the body. Bitter gourd is also good in reducing diabetic conditions and is known to dissolve kidney stones.


While mutton and chicken may heat your body, crab meat on the contrary has many cooling properties. Though there are many crab recipes out there, the best way of preparation is by steaming them. Crab has many vitamins and nutrients and hence you should make sure that they are not overcooked to get the maximum benefit out of them.

Coconut water

A cooling and refreshing drink to combat summer heat, coconut water can revive lost energies instantly. With low fat content and great electrolyte balance, it is known as the fluid of life. Being a natural drink, it is also a healthy drink with the goodness of minerals and potassium, helping the body maintain its temperature.

Barley Water

Barley is a cereal that has many health benefits. Barley water can prevent urinary tract infections and gastric problems and effectively remove toxins from the body. A very popular cooling drink, it is used along with lemon for a refreshing taste.

The colors of the food play a role in recognising whether it is cooling or heating. Green, blue and purple vegetables have more cooling properties than red, yellow and orange ones. Food has to be cooked or steamed lightly in order to make it more cooling.

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