Best Way to End a Relationship

Best Way to End a Relationship

Best Way to End a Relationship - The Best Way to Break Up - How to Get Over a Relationship - How to Move Out from Relationship » Stylish End Of Your RelationshipEvery couple comes to the proverbial fork in their relationship where they need to decide about whether they want to continue with the same partner or move out from the relationship. After crunching and thinking over your relationship you end with two decisions to be made on whether to start anew or to end the relationship.

There are various ways to end your relationship. However, you may want to preserve the dignity and respect of your partner with whom you have shared some of the best moments of your life. There should be some class and style while ending your relationship.

1. Be direct and honest

The worst part of ending the relationship comes when you are trying to work out things and your partner is not interested in working together any more. It’s the right time to break up the relationship and it is better to be honest and direct.

Let your partner know that there is no scope for repairing the relationship. The direct way to tell your partner would eliminate all the hard feelings and avoid the misconception that the door is still open for some adjustments.

2. A Public place could be right for ending the relationship

When the love in your relationship is over, there is no need for a romantic environment as it gives the wrong signal to your partner. There is no need to invite your partner for dinner at home.

Once the relationship is over there is no need for deception on either side. So, the best place to end your relationship would in a public place like a park or a restaurant as it doesn’t have any side effects.

3. Remember about your best time you spent with your partner.

Breaking up is the worst part of any relationship. While breaking up you should remember the things that brought you close rather than thinking of what drove you apart.

Keep your mind open and have a positive attitude if you are the person who wants the relationship to end and your partner wants to continue.

4. Always try to avoid bitter memories while breaking up

After the breakup, there are many people who use the old cliche that you could still be friends. It is more difficult if one of you wants to breakup while the other still wants to save the relationship.

Once the relationship is over, there should be no contact with that person in near future. Abroken relationship needs time to heal. It is better for both parties to have the time, space and distance to heal.

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