Best Way To Propose Marriage To A Man » How To Propose Marriage To A Man

Best Way To Propose Marriage To A Man » How To Propose Marriage To A Man

Best Way To Propose Marriage To A Man » How To Propose Marriage To A ManA true relationship must involve deep love for one another. All relationships enter a stage in life were they need a life time commitment from one another. This critical phase is nothing but tying knots with each other eternally. Marriage is something which binds a true love together for the rest of the life.

It is an integral part of life. If you get involved with your man for a lifelong commitment you would surely wish him to propose marriage to you. But there may be various stages in life where in a guy may feel short of proposing his girl due to many complexities of the day to day life.

They can be anonymous reasons for the guy delaying from his marriage plans. But this reluctance is faded out if a very strong bonding exists between the couple and one learns the exact reason for delaying the proposal for marriage.

What Should One Do If Her Man Is Reluctant To Marry Her?

Many of us might end up in a situation where one gets involved into a relation and desires to extend its boundaries for a lifetime commitment. But the one and only hurdle that exists is that the man in his relationship is ‘wary’ of eternal commitment towards his soul mate.

Men usually come up with their own specific reasons of not promoting their relationship to the subsequent level. Whatever might be the reason but if the woman loves her mate truly, no reason seems strong enough to delay the marriage.

Change In Conventional Ideas Of Proposal

It was an age old custom when a guy used to propose his girl for marriage. But with the change in thoughts and perception of man this idea has also changed. It can also be a woman who can take up like chances of proposing her man for marrying her. This idea might still seem awkward for some people.

It might also be that you take up the responsibilities of indirectly convincing your partner to propose you for marrying him. But this process requires esteemed efforts and high presence of mind to indirectly convince your man to propose you. Thus the best way around is to go up to your man and propose him for marrying you.

What Is Needed To Take Up The Act?

If you fall under the class of the one who knows her ambitions and dreams in life, you are the can seek what you aspire for in life. You should learn to identify your desires and have the will to achieve it. You must not be the ‘maiden in distress’ who has no other option but to wait for her man to propose her.

Best Way To Propose Marriage To A Man » How To Propose Marriage To A Man

You should go outrageous in your off beat ideas, by being the character of ‘Edie Brits’ of ‘Desperate Housewives’. If you can be one of these kinds you can definitely beat off the constraint and go up to propose him.

Analyze Your Future Spouse

There is a step by step guidance that can successfully terminate towards accomplishment of your goal. All you need to do is maintain some patience and take up each step with intelligence so that you are enabled of handling situations with your presence of mind. Before you think of proposing to your man, there is one thing which should be thought of very carefully.

You need to seriously consider whether your man would be enabled to take up the gesture of your proposal. Otherwise, there lies no point in proceeding with the matter. If he is not of that type to fascinate your appeal, there lies no point in your attempt as your try would go in complete vain.

To find out this fact, you need to know the person whom you love and wish to stay with forever. You should be aware of all his likes and dislikes, virtues and beliefs & morals and values. If you manage to get answers of some of the simplest questions, you can get a complete knowledge about your ‘would-be’ husband.

Is he the type of man who can be threatened very easily by a women regarding marriage proposal? Is your partner yet mentally prepared for accepting the idea of marriage? Would your partner be emasculated if you propose him to marry you?

You really need to know that whether he ever wishes to be bent on his knees for proposing you for your marriage. When you get the satisfactory answers to all of these questions, you then get to decide whether you really owe your entire life to this person you are committed to.

Decide The Venue

Once you are convinced that your partner is the right person for you and he is also up for all this, then you need to move ahead with your planning. You now need to decide the venue that would best fit in the occasion. You should always go for one of the favorite spots of your man. The venue of proposal is very important as it is the stage for the final plot.

The venue can be one his favorite ‘hang outs’ such as a fancy restaurant, a snooker bar, a joint, an isolated camping site, a cafeteria, etc. Ascertain that you carry a gift along with you for this special occasion. It might be a ring, boutique of flowers, perfume or any other item that would be remembered for lifelong.

Final Shot And Then The Goal

Once all these things are ensured, you can now select the correct time of your date, bend down on your knees in your own special way and propose to him for marrying you. You should be aware of the fact that how much your partner knows you, he would actually be unprepared for this.

So this can leave behind a feeling of togetherness and entitle your commitment for lifetime. Give him some time to wear off with the shock and then see the expression in his face. It would bear an enigmatic glow of happiness for your relation.

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