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Big Brother Revealed

Big Brother Revealed - Big brother house revealed - Big brother addicts - Big brother stars » The Voice Of Big Brother RevealedEveryone with a remote and cable TV in post 2000 has heard of the program Big Brother but few know the voice behind the famous reality show. Here, we reveal to you the voice of Big Brother: it is none other than Marcus Bentley who is the narrator of Big Brother.

Marcus is regarded as one of the most famous disembodied voice in Britain and has recently come out in the open about his average working day on the sets of Big Brother during an interview conducted with a celebrity gossip channel.

His voice is instantly recognizable to millions, but his face doesn’t yet have that recall value to reduce him to the frenzied mobbing of fans who’d try to collect a piece of memorabilia off his wardrobe, though he’s working his charm towards that, too, if his sustained popularity is anything to go by.

Marcus did mention that when people get to know his is the voice of Big Brother, they ask him to recite a few of the famous lines for them; it is an easy enough request for him to cater to at most public gatherings or private parties, so he readily obliges.

He landed the job as the Big Brother narrator way back in June 2000, when the producers were putting the final show bits together and going through multiple voiceover samples from all the well-known agents. They liked his demo and asked him to read out from a script and particularly liked the way Marcus pronounced the word ‘chickens’ in a sentence! That was his ticket to TV narration fame thereafter, for he was signed on there and then as the voice of Big Brother, for an initial contract for 12weeks.

Marcus modestly refers to his job as something that requires him to read aloud, so tags it as pretty easy. However, sometimes producers and the editors putting the final touches to the show have reservations regarding the quality and require him to hang around till after the show is wrapped up, in case the voiceover didn’t work or if another part of the script is needed. So, then, Marcus plays the pro voiceover guy and sticks around till the show gets the best results of his media training. It’s no wonder The Guardian termed the voice of Big Brother as one the ‘voice oozes caramel.’

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