Birth Control Devices And Methods

Birth Control Devices And Methods

Birth Control Devices And Methods - Preventing Unwanted Pregnancy » The Latest Birth Control Devices and MethodsWith so many family planning options on the market today, it is important to explore them all before making a decision on which kind to use. You can choose from various surgeries, condoms, pills, patches, implants and even injections to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. If you decide not to have children at all, you may want to consider tubal ligation as a more permanent means of contraception. In this article we will examine the contraceptive sponge as a method of family planning.

What does it look like?

Sold in sealed packages, the sponge is a small, round doughnut shape, made of polyurethane that has a very natural fleshlike feel to it. It is imperative that the sponge is properly placed over the opening of your cervix. The sponge has a string attached to each side. The string is for extracting the sponge after the 24 hour period has expired.

How do you use it?

To properly use the sponge, you moisten it with a little warm water and after a few squeezes, it activates the spermicide. Then place it in your vagina, before you have sex. Once inserted, you cannot feel anything different or out of place. Your partner cannot feel anything different either. Once warm, it feels just like the inside of your vagina.

How does it work?

Once dampened and inserted, the spermicide is activated. It forms a barrier so the sperm cannot travel through the cervix, but it also acts as a block that when properly placed, helps kill the sperm trapped in the vagina. The sponge provides you with twenty-four hour protection from sperms. The spermicide is fully activated for as many as twenty-four hours, so you can use it repeatedly during that period. When used correctly, the sponge is approximately ninety percent effective.

Tips and Warnings

No sponge can protect you from venereal disease.
The sponge must be used properly to be fully effective.
The sponge requires no prescription and is easily accessible.
Sold under many different names, each manufacturer uses different spermicides.
The contraceptive sponge is not as reliable as condoms.
The contraceptive sponge is not as effective as the pill.

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