Body language hers and yours

Body language hers and yours

Body language hers and yours - What is body language - The importance of body language - Types of body language » Body language-hers and yoursBody language is an indispensable part of the human psychology which terminates in some non verbal, subconscious or at times unconscious communication in human beings. There are many books on efficient reading of the body language which gives you a total different outlook on how actually women communicate with the opposite sex.

In our day to day communication body language gives out different signals quite differently in men and women which can work as an effective medium of emoting and thought process. People’s gestures always give way to their true intentions. Many of us even don’t realize this and don’t know how to make this work and only by our physical movements we can really speak out a lot.

Guys, always keep in mind that this wonderful medium of science works out differently for women as with you. The way you react to one’s presence is not the least same for a woman when she is in front of a stranger or a guy or whoever it is. While a guy is seeing a girl he can read out a lot from her body language. The way she poses herself, looks at you, places her hands or feet or sits, stands or speaks up, everything from head to toe you can make out if you know how to read the signals of body language.

It was the only means of communication before verbal means came to front. Ancient movies were also silent means of communication when attitude and behavior were only considered as the ways of commuting with the audience. Women are far more perceptive than men are, and they can easily find out the true intentions of a man whom they are meeting for the very first time.

At the other end guys should be enough cautious while seeing a lady for the first time as his body language will speak a lot than what he says. Smile, a hand shake, your arms, body positioning and the way you look while you speak to her will get her to the point and thus you can also make out her true intentions without any fuss.

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