Bonsai Trees To Enhance Home Decor

Bonsai Trees To Enhance Home Decor

Bonsai Trees To Enhance Home Decor - How To Grow Bonsai Trees & Indoor Bonsai Tree Care Tips » Bonsai Trees: Exclusive Art For Home DecorEvery nook and corner of house can be best decorated with plants whether naturally grown or artificial. However home makers who are too much obsessed with home decor activities can actually donate lot of time to various home decor activities and if it is gardening or even maintaining indoor mini garden then best is to grow Bonsai in house. Growing and maintaining Bonsai in not only an art but it is very critical task too. One needs to do through study of different breeds of plants which can be turned into Bonsai.

The basic requirement for growing bonsai tree is first to obtain terracotta tray sized pots and fill with half manure and half soil mixture. One can choose to grow either just leafy plants, plants which bear fruits or it can be combination of both flower and fruit. Some of the best to choose amongst can be Olive Bonsai, Cedar Bonsai, Bamboo Bonsai, Bougainvillea, Cypress, Jades plants, Maple plants etc. Now this is merely very first step and once the plants adjust with the space in pot, the effect giving art begins from this stage.

After interval of every three months one needs to trim the roots and branches. In order to give the desired shape to bonsai, cable the trunk and branches to either give the slanting or cascading shape to mature tree. The entire art of growing bonsai tree takes about 2 to 3 years to have the completely mature and perfect shaped Bonsai tree. However maturing period also depends upon the size you desire to attain for your bonsai.

Another crucial point is, not necessary that you grow bonsai only from plant; it can also grow out of seeds. For example tomatoes, chilies, oranges etc. Needless to mention the entire episode of growing Bonsai from seed is very exciting and rewarding too. Any form you choose but the most crucial as well as critical task is to choose the right cutting and trimming time which can vary from end of the year, when monsoon approaches till the end of spring. There are some plants grow very well in summers, hence with the beginning of summer first trimming session can take place followed by another schedule when new leaves and branches buds.

Finally just make sure never over-watered, cover the upper most layers with moss grass or pebbles to maintain the proper moister & humidity and last but not least moderate level of exposure to sun, neither all under shed nor exposed to sunlight for whole day.

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