Break the muscle barrier

Break the muscle barrier

Break the muscle barrier - Break the muscle barrier workout - Change your weight lifting workout » Break the muscle barrierAre you bored with the exercises and workouts that you do regularly in the gym? Please don’t neglect your boredom as your discouraging attitude towards workouts can really stop the muscle building process. You may find in some situations that though you are repeating the same set of actions still you do not get much result after a certain time. This is not surprising at all!!! Your body gets associated with same set of actions so the same exercises do not yield good result.

There are eight different exercises that you guys may take up for a change. All these exercises are very light and also they are like school exercises very good for health and simple at the same time. So trying all these postures won’t embarrass you in a crowded gym. There is a way and special technique to follow for all these exercises. The first set can be Dumbbell Split Jerk for 6 per sides followed by Swiss ball mountain climber which can be ten per side. These two should be done immediately one after another and then take a rest for a minute and then start with the second set. Then start with the Dumbbell swing which can be for 12 times and Pushup in decline which can be for 8 to 10 per side. Take rest again for a minute.

Now begins the third set which is Front loaded split squad and that for 8 per side followed by Dumbbell cross grip floor press which can be for 8 times. Lastly its time for Single leg Deadlift for 10 per side and Underhand inverted row for 15 times. So these are the exercises that can now replace your weight lifting workout schedule and will help you to grow highly effective healthy muscular body. So its time to rejuvenate your spirits and go ahead with these new superset and subset of unique 8 exercises which can make you feel younger and develop your muscles rapidly.

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