Breakfast For Kids

Breakfast For Kids

Breakfast For Kids - Kids and Breakfast - Healthy Breakfasts for Kids | Tips on - Find TipsBreakfast, as the name suggests, is the first meal you take after a long fasting session of almost seven to eight hours every day. Thus, it is extremely important that you do not skip this meal.

Enrich your breakfast with proper cereals and nutrients so that you stay fit and energetic for the rest of the day. Doctors recommend intake of lots of cereals, low calorie or fat free milk, nuts, etc during your break fast as they are storehouse of energy.

Especially for school going kids the best thing you can provide is a healthy breakfast and make sure he completes it before leaving. This is because kids mostly skip their lunch at school as they get busy playing with their pals. Foods like oatmeal, peanut butter, muffins, are highly recommended for kids. They are both fast to grub and tasty to savor. Such foods will give ample energy to your child and will make him sharp with time. Cereals are always good for kids as they help them to grow up strong and quick.

You can make his daily breakfast menu a little interesting by changing the type of fruits you use to decorate his cereals. Make it look colorful and attractive. Fruits as apples, strawberries, kiwis, bananas, mangos, etc. will add color to meal as well intake of such fruits will add nutrition to your child’s diet as they are enriched in Vitamin A, C, etc.

Milk is highly essential for growing bodies. This should be an inevitable part of your kid’s diet. It is rich in calcium, phosphorous, protein, vitamin B12, A, C etc. Thus one glass of milk during breakfast will help your child grow faster in terms of height and brain, will give him stronger eye sight and bone, better energy level, healthy skin etc. You can make it taste interesting by adding flavors like strawberry, mango, chocolate, etc. Cheese and yoghurts can also be good replacements for milk.

Thus, you should always take good care of your kid’s breakfast if you want him to grow up as a strong, sharp, energetic and intelligent individual.

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