Breed of Dogs

Breed of Dogs

Breed of Dogs - Dog Breeds - Different Types Of Dogs | Tips on - Find Tips1. Companion Dogs- as rightly guessed by their names these dogs’ jobs are to give people company which is perhaps the most important work of any dog. Some are miniaturized versions of working dogs whereas some are created solely as beautiful lap dogs. Even if the tiniest of them have no idea whether they are as big or strong like other dogs yet they have a heart and courage in their small bodies. Their ultimate goal in life is to be with their people for long hours and day after day.
Companion dogs includes:-

2. Sporting Dogs- these dogs are meant to be active and alert and they are regarded as the hunters of the dog world. Sporting dogs have been brought to work closely with people and they are easily trainable and friendly. They have a dense, water repellent coat which can be short, medium length, straight, curly in order to protect them in all kinds of weather conditions. They love people and suited to be in a family environment provided they are given adequate amount of exercise.
Sporting dogs includes:-

3. Working Dogs- these dogs are bred to perform a variety of tasks from guarding people, property and livestock to pulling carts or sleds. These kinds of dogs are basically strong, smart and fearless. They can also be fun loving as well as serious. These kind of dogs require a structured home life and atmosphere and a person who can train well and who can provide leadership without resorting to anger or physical force.
Working dogs include:-
Chow Chow

4. Terriers- they are the rascals of the dog world. Their name comes from the Latin word terra, meaning earth for their love of digging for preys as foxes, moles, badgers and rats. They are mischievous, energetic, intelligent and trainable.
Terriers dog include:-
Australian Terrier
Bull Terrier
Fox Terrier
Irish Terrier
Rat Terrier

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