Budgeting Tips for Students

Budgeting Tips for Students

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It is essential to prepare a financial budget even if you are a student. A habit of living with in the limit of your income will help you in future. It helps to develop a well planned life and you will be in a more realistic world rather than a world of fascination. Here are some tips for student budgeting.

Tips for Student Budgeting

1. Calculate your income and expenditure on a paper. Write all sources of income and then expenditure including the hostel fees, library charges, laundry costs, cost for books, dress, travel expense, canteen costs etc. this will give you an idea how you spend your money.

2. If your expenses are more try to get a full time job during summer holidays. Earn the maximum at this period because you can do only part times jobs after starting the college. If your parents are helping you then discuss with them and know what they can offer.

3. Manage to get a part time job during the working days and preferably that matches or helps you to improve your skills.

4. Search for discounts while traveling, purchasing books, doing haircuts etc. Many of the restaurants have student’s deals and similarly many shops offer discounts for students. Manage to find such shops and restaurants which will help you to save your money.

5. Reduce the number of unnecessary teas and coffees which are unhealthy for your body and to your financial status too. Try to cook your own juices, sandwiches etc.

6. Sell your used text books or exchange your used books with one that you need now.

7. Clear your utilities bill, phone bills, rent etc timely and regularly so as to help you from falling on debts. If you have debts ask student advisor’s help to mange it properly.

8. Record every expense and income daily because it helps to know the spending pattern and also helps you to control your expenses.

9. Avoid bad habits like use of unprescribed drugs, smoking, drinking etc which h are harmful to the health and are costly too.

With proper planning you can meet your expenses and also can save money for your future.

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