Build Muscle and Lose Fat by Calorie Shifting

Build Muscle and Lose Fat by Calorie Shifting

Build Muscle and Lose Fat by Calorie Shifting - How to Start a Calorie Shifting Plan - Calorie Shifting Diet Plan - Diet Plans and Weight Loss Programs » Build muscle mass and lose fat by calorie shiftingCalorie shifting is a new fad in the dieting world. It claims to help in rapid weight reduction. The way it works is that you go on a low calorie diet on one day and follow it with a normal amount of calorie intake the next day.

Low calorie intake will equal about only 400 calories a day. It is believed to reduce the metabolic rate. When the body consumes more calories the following day, the body gets geared to work and speeds up the metabolic process and hence automatically speeds up by weight reduction.

Any other diet program involves consistent reduction in the caloric intake all days a week. In a conventional plan, the body reduces the metabolic rate after a few days of lowered intake.

One benefit of this calorie-shifting plan is the emotional benefit of tricking oneself to believe that one is on a diet only every alternate day

The calorie shifting plan has several disadvantages.The chief among them are discussed below. A person can feel extremely hungry on a low calorie day.

This may be a cause that triggers overeating or sneaking in food to appease hunger. In a conventional diet plan, hunger and appetite gradually decrease after about 5-6 days. This does not happen in a calorie shifting program.

Yet another disadvantage is that one can lose weight very quickly in this method. Very rapid loss of weight is unhealthy. It can cause fatigue and weakness.

It also affects the immune system and causes dizziness. In bodybuilders this type of diet could send the body into shock and cause loss of muscle mass as well.

It is important to supplement this diet with multivitamins. It is recommended to consume sodium and potassium in addition to water. Protein intake has to be increased when on a calorie shifting diet.

Good protein sources are egg whites, fish, and lean chicken. A good source of potassium and sodium is tomato juice.

It is important to note that this diet is not sustainable on a long term basis. Also, if you choose to go off this diet, it is easy to pack on the pounds very quickly thereafter.

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