Building and Content Insurance Plans

Building and Content Insurance Plans

Building and Content Insurance Plans - Building and Contents Insurance - Building Insurance - Types of Insurance Coverage | Tips on - Find TipsYour house and the contents inside your house such as your furniture and appliances are your prized possessions. To protect both your building as well as its contents, you need two separate types of insurance coverage – building insurance and contents insurance.

Building insurance covers losses caused to your building and permanent fixtures. Content insurance protects the movable contents inside your building.

Building Insurance

Building insurance plans covers the losses encountered by the policyholder in the event of unforeseen contingencies. Risks covered by this insurance plans include damages caused by natural calamities, such as flood, earthquakes, storms and landslides. Cost of repair or reconstruction of buildings damaged by fire, robberies or thefts are also covered by building insurance plans.

If the policyholder is willing to pay a higher insurance premium, damages to permanent fixtures of the building, such as wardrobes and bathroom and kitchen fittings, and damage caused by a falling aircraft can be covered by the building insurance plans.

Besides providing financial protection, which a policyholder faces from damage of building and contents, a building insurance also covers compensations you have to pay when a neighbor or tenant is hurt inside your property.

If you are willing to extend further the scope of your property insurance plan, you can also cover unintentional damage caused by you to someone else’s property.

Content Insurance

Losses encountered due to damage of valuables, such as furniture, home appliances, artifacts, gadgets and jewelries are covered by content insurance plans. This insurance plan attracts highest amount of premium. One of the greatest difficulties in buying a content insurance plan arises from difficulty in assessing the correct valuation of an item. Valuation of items is therefore based on a rough estimate.

The premium to be paid on a building insurance or content insurance policy is determined by the location of your building. If your building is situated in a crime prone district, your insurance policy will become more expensive.

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