Calcium for Women

Calcium for Women

Calcium for Women - Bone Loss in Women - Diet for Healthy Bones - Calcium Rich Diet » Calcium and WomenWe all have heard of the numerous advantages of having milk and dairy products to have strong bones and teeth. While there is no denying the fact that calcium is extremely important for staying naturally healthy and fit, its importance increases manifold for women.

This is because women are more susceptible to bone related disorders like osteoporosis. Thus, women need to take special care of their calcium intake.

Women usually tend to experience bone loss early in their life and they are thus vulnerable to bone related disorders like osteoporosis. They are also prone to easy and frequent fractures as lack of calcium in the body leads to weak and fragile bones which in turn leads to vulnerability to fractures even due to a small fall or injury.

Bone loss in women starts in their pre-menopausal and menopausal stages. Thus, it becomes necessary for them to take care of their calcium intake, right from their early years, so that they can keep their bones healthy and fit.

Calcium can be provided to the body via diet and also through calcium supplements. According to medical research, providing dietary calcium to the body is better than supplements.

This is because calcium provided to the body through diet is better absorbed by the body. Thus, you must try to have a calcium rich diet consisting of food items like dairy products and green leafy vegetables.

Along with calcium, Vitamin D should be provided to the body as it helps in improving calcium absorption. In addition, avoid food items like unpolished rice and cocoa as they can decrease calcium absorption in the body.

Along with taking care of your diet, you should also undertake some exercises, especially weight bearing and resistance exercises, to improve the absorption of calcium by the body.

Thus, follow the above given tips and keep your bones healthy and fit.

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