Can Depression Be Caused By Relationship

Can Depression Be Caused By Relationship

Can Depression Be Caused By Relationship - Causes of Depression - Relationships and Depression | Tips on - Find TipsEven the most optimistic of person might have faced depression, even if mild, sometime or the other in life. It is clinically proved that relationship can also cause severe depression and especially to women.

Women find themselves to pull out of abusive relations to be difficult.

They try to work on it but nothing changes. In return, they lose their self confidence, prestige and esteem in their own eyes thinking that whatever is happening is because of them

So what are the reasons or factors that cause depression in relationships?

1. Insulting Behaviour-

The partner shows different type of behaviour in public and private spheres. He is loving and caring but when around with others, he tends to be insulting and passes remarks on everything the woman says or does. He is unapologetic and non-repentant; more so he does not believe he had done something wrong. This leaves the woman embarrassed and a feeling of worthlessness.

2. Control And Domination-

Enquiring about every move and actions is a most common sign. He criticizes the woman and she feels obligated to justify her actions. With time, he will take to domination and expect the woman to conform to the list of activities he desires.

3. Sexual Manipulation-

Two things take place: either he forcefully demands sex from the woman or he refrains from giving any physical pleasure. In the first case, he does not bother about the feelings and desire of the woman and whether she is interested. In the second case, he makes the woman pine for him making her needy and vulnerable. In both the cases, the woman feels rejected and unloved.

4. Restriction On Freedom -

He is obsessed with the woman, denying her space and always scheming to get her grounded at home or limits her access to her near and dear ones, friends, family and relatives.

This puts him more in control of the woman. If the woman retaliates, he gives ultimatums- either choose me or the other things else than me! It is purely blackmailing and the woman not wanting to lose him gives in to his dictates, leaving a negative impact on her mind.

He may resort to physical abuse to get his way.

At last, the woman is left physically, mentally and emotionally depressed.

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