Can I be an Airhostess

Can I be an Airhostess

Can I be an Airhostess - How to Become an Airhostess - Tourism Management - Tips for becoming an Airhostess | Tips on - Find TipsAny good looking girl would have dreamt of becoming an airhostess one day or the other. Being an airhostess is a very difficult job, because you need to have a lot of patience and perseverance for this job. You need to be extremely courteous and nice to the passengers traveling by flight. It is really not a bed of roses. It is very challenging.

By becoming an airhostess you will have your own advantages. A good package offered to you, high regard, you get to see a lot of places, you can interact with different classes of people, increase your network, etc. The bad part of becoming an airhostess is that you have all odd working hours.

Being in this job, teaches you to give a lot of respect for people, immense hospitality, how to maintain yourself etc. This is a highly demanding job and expects you to be on call all the time. When you are on this job, you need to maintain yourself to the core. Of course everything is taught to you, well in advance. From the way you speak to the way you should walk every thing will be taught to you in advance.

An airhostess will be the first person to welcome you on board, help you find your seat, helps to give proper instructions, gives you food and drinks, helps you through all the difficult situations in the flight etc. Basically she is there for you as a passenger all the time during the flight.

To become an airhostess you should have completed +2 or degree and have a diploma in hotel or tourism management. The candidate should have a clear complexion with a good personality.

By opting to go to this profession you get a respectable amount. With a lot of private agencies having their flights flying, you have more opportunities to become an airhostess. After you retire you can opt to be a teacher for junior airhostesses or a beautician.

All the best for your career.

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