Cane Furniture

Cane Furniture

Cane Furniture - Habasco Cane Furniture - Cane Furniture Cardiff - Outdoor Furniture Cane - Cane Chair » How to add magical touch with cane furnitureWhether in contemporary houses or traditional ones, hotels or boutiques, cane has made a big comeback. From cane tables with glass tops to computer consoles and CD racks, cane is back in vogue.

With cane furniture you can easily transform your room, giving it all together a new look. Be it your garden or living room, cane catches up with the light around. For maintaining a casual look, you can plant lot of greens around your cane setting. This combination works well for an early morning cup of tea between you and your family member.

You can also team up your cane furniture with metal or leather for an ultra chic look. But if metal is not your choice you can go for leather-finish cane to give your home a complete new look. Nothing looks nicer than your cane chair amid the usual sofas. Have an occasional metal finish cane chair in your drawing room, and use it when dining chair is not around. Cane chairs with woven back are perfect for poolside while the stripped ones go well inside. Whenever you go out to buy cane chair, make sure it doesn’t have poky corners. Just run your hands along the surface to test its smoothness. Make sure there are no nails visible.

Vastu always suggests the use of cane in its natural color and tone. But if you are not so hung up, there are more colors from which you can make your cane furniture selection. You can find cane furniture in shades like dark walnut, chestnut, ivory, off white and black. For classic lovers, ivory works best and if you looking for something bold, go for black color. Cane also comes in different designs too-floral, bold prints etc. you just have to make your selection and bright them up with colorful cushions for giving a magical touch.

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