Canned Tuna Meals

Canned Tuna Meals

Canned Tuna Meals - Canned Tuna Recipes - Soy Ginger Tuna Recipe - What are Some Ways to Cook Tuna? | Tips on - Find TipsWhether you want to build muscles or you want to keep a healthy weight, whatever you goal is, you will need to have protein. Protein is an essential component of our daily diet.

Tuna is great way to get this protein, fat free as well as carb free. However, the hitch is that it is not easy to find many tuna lovers.

The article deals with some ways you can cook tuna to make it taste better and also help you reach your goal faster.

Canned Tuna Recipes

Tuna with Soy and Ginger

This will make a great meal post-workout. You can have it with rice, which will digest fast and give you carbohydrates.

Half a cup of water, two tablespoons of soy sauce, half a teaspoon of garlic and a bit of ginger is all you need. Boil all of the ingredients and add a cup of rice and some vegetables of your choice. After it is done cooking, you can mix it with a tuna can and serve.

Tuna with Mustard and Dill

For a better taste, use fresh dill instead of dill spice. Stir a tablespoon of mustard, half a cup of chopped celery and an ounce of chopped fresh dill in a can full of tuna. Serve with baked potato and low-fat cottage cheese and sour cream.

Southwest Tuna

Mix a tablespoon of non-fat mayo with another tablespoon thousand island dressing, with some red pepper finely chopped and a tuna can. Serve it with pasta.

Tuna Tex-Mex

This is a healthy and spicy dish. Mix a tuna can with half a cup of salsa and a tablespoon of chilli. Tear a whole wheat tortilla into small pieces. Toast them till the edges turn crispy.

When you are done with the tortilla, put the tuna on the crisps, shower some low-fat shredded cheddar and place them for two or three minutes under broiler.

Tuna Burgers

These are the healthy replacement of beef burgers. You can mix a can tuna, a quarter cup of dry oatmeal, half a teaspoon of garlic and onion powder and two egg whites. Make a burger and cook in on a hot skillet, all the time brushing some barbecue sauce on it as it is cooking.

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