Cardio Exercises To Burn Calories

Cardio Exercises To Burn Calories

Cardio Exercises To Burn Calories - Reasons For Doing Cardio Exercises » Maximizing Cardio Exercises to Burn CaloriesYou may be exercising daily and feel that you are benefiting from your daily routines. If you really want to get more out of your exercise routine, you should get a personal trainer.

He/She will make you go beyond your comfort zone and help progress towards your goals. In order to burn calories quickly, you could consider joining an exercise class. Nothing makes you go beyond your limits than seeing other people go beyond theirs. The combination of loud music and your natural competitiveness would soon make you try harder, and you’ll give your utmost to each exercise.

The Need for Cardio Exercises
In order to maintain a healthy body you should get at least half an hour of light cardio exercises five times a week or three periods of heavy exercises three times a week. The correct way to do your cardio workout is to do ten minutes of warm-up exercises like a vigorous walk or stretching exercises before each session.

The objective is to gradually increase your heart beat and body temperature. After your cardio workout, you should finish by a cool-down period of ten minutes. Again, you could do a vigorous walk or stretch your legs in order to effect a smooth transition from a fast to a normal heart beat.

Finding Your Maximum Heart Rate
Your goal when you are doing a cardio workout is to maintain your heart beat at a rate adequate for your age and physical condition, for at least 20 minutes. You can calculate your maximum rate by subtracting your age from 220 and multiplying the result by .70. This will give you your target heart rate, the rate to aim for when you do your workout that is both safe and beneficial for your heart.

Combine Aerobic and Anaerobic Exercises
You can obtain better results in your workout if you combine aerobic and anaerobic exercises. In aerobic exercises like running, swimming and bicycling, your body burns fat as fuel. In anaerobic exercises, your body burns glucose and produces lactic acid.

The main difference between the two exercises is in the intensity of the physical activity and in the duration. Anaerobic exercises are intense and fast. Weightlifting is the best example of an anaerobic exercise, while rowing could also be considered an anaerobic exercise.

Make it More Interesting
A good way to make your workouts more interesting is by trying out such techniques as Interval Training. This consists of doing your exercise at your regular speed and then increasing the speed for a short period, alternating in this way between fast and slow. In this way, you can combine the benefits of both aerobic and anaerobic training.

You can also try variations in your routine such as training for longer periods of time. If you find that you can do the routines with ease, you should train for longer periods of time or increase the intensity of your workouts. This will make the exercises more interesting for you and will also provide more benefits to your physical conditioning.

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