Care for The Babies Umbilical Stump

Care for The Babies Umbilical Stump

Care for The Babies Umbilical Stump - When to Cut the Umbilical Cord - Umbilical Cord Infection | Tips on - Find TipsUmbilical Stump

This is the point at which a baby and its mother got attached physically. Umbilical stump is the continuation of placenta which is attached to the mother’s uterus.

Through the umbilical cord baby gets nutrients and water from the mother. Umbilical cord is attached to the baby’s stomach through an opening.

When to cut the Umbilical Cord

Umbilical cord has to be cut soon after the delivery or after the placenta stops beating. If it is cut after the placenta stops beating, then the blood inside the placenta will move in to the baby’s body. The cut end of the stump must be two to three cm long and it has to be tied.

Time for Which the Stump Remains with the Baby

Umbilical stump will remain up to one week to one month. The stump becomes smaller and smaller in time and gets dried before falling. No need to pull the stump even if it hangs in a single thread as it causes bleeding and infections. Let it fall by its own.

Care for Babies Umbilical Stump

1. Clean the stump with alcohol swabs or cotton balls dipped in alcohol. Clean the base and surroundings of the stump by holding the stump with one hand.

2. Antiseptic powders are also used for preventing infections, but this makes the healing period long.

3. After cleaning keep the stump open for sometime to make it dry.

4. Wrap the diaper below the naval to avoid irritations and to keep the stump away from urine and stool.

5. If it happens to have some urine or stool on the stump, then wash it with water and mild soap.

6. You can give your baby a sponge bath or a tub bath. The only thing to be noted after bathing is to keep the sump and its base dry.

7. The dried stump falls by itself and there might be signs of slight bleeding which is quite normal.
8. You have to care the area even after the stump falls. It takes almost ten days to heal completely. Keep the wound clean and dry.

9. Some times after the stumps fall some lumpy tissues remains and it will disappear in time.

Signs of Infection

Occurrence of pus around the base, red skin around the base and a foul odor are the signs of infection. Some times the area around the base gets swollen. In certain cases the baby gets fever, feeds less and becomes less energetic. If you are in a dilemma consult your doctor and make sure that your baby is healthy.

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